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Our name, Escentual Harmony, first came while learning about the blending of fragrances, with each fragrance having a top, middle and base (bass) note, the same way a musical chord does. Finding the harmony in the fragrance is the key. As products were formulated, another type of harmony came into play- the harmony between science and nature. Our goal at Escentual Harmony is to give our customers the highest quality and make sure that everything we do is done in harmony with nature.

 Our products are made with care and we always use natural ingredients in our formulas unless use of a man-made ingredient makes a clearly better or safer product.

Our soap formulas are the result of years of research.  Most of our soaps are made with Shea Butter for extra richness. We use primarily olive oil, along with coconut, palm and castor oils to produce a gentle soap that lathers great.

Your skin will love handmade soap. Handmade soap doesn’t contain any artificial hardeners or detergents and all the glycerin that is a natural part of handmade soap stays in the soap. Your soap will last as long as or longer than commercially made soap if cared for properly- and it’s easy to care for.

Just rinse your soap after use to get the excess lather off and place it in a draining soap dish. Don’t keep it where the spray from the shower constantly hits it and don’t let it stand in water. Soaping up a washcloth, sponge or bath pouf with the soap rather than scrubbing your body with it will also make your soap last longer.

Handmade soap gets better as it ages. Many people stock up and place the extras in a dresser drawer for a couple of weeks before they use it. This will give the soap extra drying time and make your drawers smell great.

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